Why Bible translation matters

We face a challenge. Working for Wycliffe Bible Translators, all our income comes in the form of gifts from family, friends and churches that love us and want to play a part in Bible translation through us. However, our current income is too low and we’ve almost used up a pot of reserve money that’s been filling the gap.

We can’t keep going like this, so my boss has been kind enough to give me a little time out of my assignment so that we can focus on raising the financial support we need to continue doing this long-term. That’s given me the chance to think some things through, including reflecting on why I’m personally involved in this area of ministry.

This is my little video on the subject of why I’m involved in Bible translation.

Facing a challenge

Tany and I are facing a new challenge. After two years of serving bibleless communities around the world with the Wycliffe Global Alliance, we face something of a personal funding shortfall.

We don’t receive a salary for the work that I do with the Alliance. Instead, our income comes from the kind gifts of friends, family and churches that love us and want to play a part in the Bible translation moment.

Over the last few months, this income has declined to the point that we can no longer carry on as we have been. So, I’ve been released from my role for a while, to allow me to focus on addressing this challenge.

This video explains a bit more…

So, if you’d like to support a young(ish) family as they seek to serve the global Bible translation movement, would you:

Pray for us – if you’d like to receive regular prayer updates, you can sign up for our newsletter, or email me at phil.prior@wycliffe.org.uk.

Give to us – if you’d like to support us financially, you can give directly through Wycliffe UK’s secure website. If this doesn’t work for you, please get in touch and we will find another route.

Invite me to speak – if you’d like me to come and speak to your church*,¬†your small group or at some other gathering, with the aim of building a relationship between us and taking a long-term interest in Bible translation, I’d love to talk to you.

There are probably other things to consider too. You know how to reach me. And please, feel free to pass this blog post, or the video, on to others who may be interested too.