Totton in lockdown

Strange longings

Every day seems to come with a new prediction of when the current crisis will come to an end. These are tempered by the threat of a second peak or a fresh wave of the virus. There are questions about what will happen when lockdown restrictions are relaxed. Too soon and cases spike again, too late and the economy takes a greater hit.

I completely understand the desire for restrictions to be lifted. We moved to a new home six weeks ago to be closer to my parents. Five weeks ago the barriers went up and, though we’ve seen them and chatted face-to-face, I haven’t been able to give my mum or dad a hug, I’d really like to. I would also like to welcome friends into our new home and invite our new neighbours over to enjoy a barbecue and a glass of wine, oh, and I really miss live sport.

Yet, while I long for this I’m also scared that we will lift the restrictions too quickly and the benefits of this season will be rapidly forgotten. Quality time with my wife and children. Meals being the focal point of our day, rather than rushing from one activity to another. Talking to colleagues around the world as Zoom calls have become a natural part of our working pattern. Daily exercise as a family.

There have been other benefits too. Being able to openly question our accepted working practices and think afresh about how we do what we do, even if the long-term vision remains the same.

So here we are, five weeks into lockdown and while I’m ready for it all to be over I don’t want the end to come until some of those changes have become embedded in the way we live and work and we have become better at asking tough questions and adapting what we do to what we discover.

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