Maunday (Holy)* Thursday, Zoom communion

This evening, our homegroup is going to have an all-age style communion on Zoom. It’s the best we can come up with considering the situation.

This is roughly what I’m going to share.

The first time the people of Israel celebrated the Passover meal they may not have known too much about what was going on. They were commanded to eat a meal made up of a perfect, one-year-old lamb, bitter salad greens and bread made without yeast. They were to be fully dressed with their shoes on ready to depart. The blood of the lamb was to be sprinkled on the door frame and lintel as that night God was going to put to death the first-born son and male animal in the land of Egypt but would pass over the Israelite houses marked by the blood on the doorframe (Read the early chapters of Exodus for the back story).

That night, Pharaoh freed the Israelite people.

God commanded the people to celebrate the Passover meal every year since, to remember what he had done for them.

Years later, Jesus and the disciples gathered in a borrowed room to celebrate the Passover meal. It was another strange time.

Earlier in the week, Jesus had been greeted by cheering crowds as he rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. But now the pressure around him and the disciples was mounting (For the full story read Luke chapters 19-22).

During the Passover meal he spoke about his impending death and resurrection. He told Peter that he was going to deny he ever knew Jesus and that one of the disciples was going to betray him. They must have felt very nervous huddled together around that meal table.

How do you feel this evening as we do this together?

We know the end of both of these stories. We know that Jesus’ death was followed by his resurrection and we remember that every time we take communion. But, it’s also good to remember that this meal comes from stories where his followers were scared. Where the world around them wasn’t OK. There was fear and death in both stories. They were in situations they didn’t fully understand and had no control over.

In this meal, we remember that God is in control. That even in the darkest situations he brings hope and that he’s with us in the middle of it all.

*Maunday Thursday meaning

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