Disruptive change

Every so often, an event takes place that disrupts the normal and brings about significant change.

Once upon a time, people used to get their dose of television news at 6 pm or 9 pm (that’s in the UK). Now we have 24-hour rolling news channels that demand a constant feed of news.

Or people would buy a daily newspaper to find out what is going on. Now newspapers are struggling to make ends meet and need to meet a 24-hour news criteria to keep their online content current.

Of course, many of these changes have been made possible by the invention of the internet. The way we live is now heavily influenced by technology that makes global communication instant and allows anyone to have a voice. And, Apple’s iPhone, changed the game again, by putting all the technology required for this communication, in a device that can fit in the pocket of your trousers.

All of these changes disrupted the normal.

Why mention this today, other than recognising that the announcement of another election in the UK could provide an opportunity for more disruption?

Well, I’ve been thinking about how leadership necessitates the ability to negotiate disruptions to bring change. An article in The Straits Times, put it like this, ‘We want to catch the wave before it cascades over us, so that we can ride the wave rather than be crushed beneath it.’

Riding the wave can lead to new possibilities and allow changes for good, but you have to ride the wave, you can’t just cling on and hope to reach the shore.

I just wonder, how many things I think of as disruptions (issues, problems, etc) could actually be opportunities to bring positive change?

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