Not going alone

The only thing about joining Wycliffe is that I wouldn't be doing it alone.

The invitation to join Wycliffe came in November 2018. In December, I proposed to Tany.

This wasn't the stereotypical proposal as I knew I was about to give up a sensible salaried role and take up a voluntary position, in a place where we didn't really know anyone.

Tany, who had just retrained as a physiotherapist (she was a nurse before) was going to have to be the main breadwinner for our little family, and take on whatever work she could find.

We moved and settled into a small flat on the Wycliffe Centre. Until our wedding in May, Tany had a room with another family.

The early days of being married meant we had to learn to live life in reverse. Tany, who had always had a heart for world mission, would commute to her job while I'd walk the short distance to the office. We planned a wedding in Southampton and travelled up and back most weekends.

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