For the first five years of our married life, Tany and I lived in a wooden flat on the Wycliffe Centre. The site was purchased when Wycliffe had been forced to move from their previous home due to the building of the M25 motorway. The new location provided space to train those from the UK and overseas who were planning a future in Bible translation.

Saying goodbye to the Centre

Over the years, student numbers in the UK decreased. More training was available overseas, the cost of living and studying in the UK was too much for many and obtaining a visa to come here was becoming more difficult. With this in mind, the Wycliffe Centre was set up as a conference base.

The conference business worked for a while, but increasingly management and board meetings had to spend time discussing the running of a business rather than focussing on Bible translation. Eventually, the decision was taken to sell the Centre.

In November 2013, Wycliffe UK managed to sell the Horsleys Green site and moved to the Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton. This had a very practical implication for Tany and I, as the sale of the Centre meant the sale of our home.

In those months before moving, we looked for a property we could afford to buy. We found a small estate in Chinnor that had three bedroom houses in our price range.

The first house, the vendors lost interest in moving so we had to withdraw our offer and then the second house fell through when the lady that lived there fell ill.

All of a sudden we had a deadline to move out of the Wycliffe Centre and nowhere that we could afford to go. We ended up still being resident on the site as the heating was being turned off and everyone else had left. Oh, and did I mention that by this point we had a 9-month-old baby?

At the last minute, friends from church helped us to find and afford a rental home for six months. At the very end of those six months, we moved into a three bedroom house in Chinnor, just around the corner from the first two we'd seen.

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