Joining the Wycliffe Global Alliance

After seven years serving with Wycliffe in the UK, I was ready for a new challenge. I’d been spending some time with the Wycliffe Global Alliance communications team, and in 2016 I was asked if I’d consider a role heading up the work of the team.

This was exciting but also presented a challenge. Working with the Alliance required me to become a Wycliffe Member, and Members aren’t paid.

Tany and I went through the process of applying to become Members and started to fundraise for our new role. By 2017 we’d been accepted for membership, no small feat as this involved something like three days of interviews, but our funding was still short of where it needed to be for us to take on the new role.

Eventually, we were offered some short-term funding to enable me to start in the role, so in January 2017 I took up a communications role with the Alliance.

Today I lead a team that provides communication support to more than 100 organisations involved in the Bible translation movement. We create resources, run a website (in at least five languages), provide training to those who work in communications roles for Alliance organisations and generally help those who are raising awareness of the need for Bible translation worldwide.

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