A good workout

For the last three weeks, at 9 am, we’ve been enjoying a family workout every morning doing PE with Joe on YouTube. It’s a little nuts being geared towards junior school kids (hence the dress up Friday), but the guy’s enthusiasm is amazing and the workout can kind of be as hard as you want to push yourself. Plus, all the money he’s making through YouTube (the audiences have been phenomenal) he’s giving to the NHS.

Well done Joe. I’m a fan. And probably in better shape now than I was three weeks ago. Amazing really.

Exercise is good for our mental health.

But then, what about spiritual health? That needs some exercise too.

Just like exercise, it’s not easy going it alone, which has made this lockdown a boon for online devotions. Above Bar Church, where we’ve been worshipping since our move, has a daily devotion that’s usually up on YouTube before PE with Joe finishes. But they aren’t the only church doing this and there are plenty of choices when it comes to spending time in your pyjamas (or a sweaty mess) watching a daily reflection on YouTube.

The final exercise though… silence.

I think there’s more noise in my life now than there was before the crisis. Four of us rattling around this house means that there’s little silence in my life. To drown out the noise I end up putting on to block out the other sounds. But, I need silence to reflect, put things in order and hear God speaking into this moment.

I’m trying to ask good questions…

What am I picking up during this time that I want to keep, post lockdown?

  • daily exercise
  • daily devotions (I hope churches keep this up)
  • more meals with the family
  • better connection with colleagues

What have I given up during this time that I don’t want to return to, post lockdown?

  • Still thinking on this

What is God saying into this moment? Not what he will have to say in the future, but right here and right now.

My friends. Keep exercising, physically, spiritually and asking good questions. Oh, and have a wonderful weekend.

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